Meet Us

We are a raw materials supplier based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with partners from around the world.

Our goal is to offer quality products at competitive prices. Dekman offers a fast and reliable supply chain and a dynamic and trustworthy service in which each of our employees tries to cooperate and find the most efficient solution for our customers. Despite a diverse portfolio, our main products are raw materials and intermediate chemicals for the coatings and detergents industry. In addition to these, we are always trying to enter new markets and strive to offer our services to new customers.

About US
About Us

Dekman was founded in 2019 in UAE as a small company with a vision to become a market leader in the Middle East, which already had great potential at the time. In the beginning, we created a vision to work hard, offer the highest quality service and implement our increasingly business-like business model worldwide.

Later we had the opportunity to expand into new markets and specialize on new products. We started to cooperate with reliable partners worldwide.